This design is inspired by the importance of sustainability and community in our natural ecosystems. 

People respond well to animals, so I want to show them a wide range of biodiversity that is part of our ecosystem. Seeing this utility box design will remind people that we all have a much greater impact on the ecosystem than we think. Our daily actions affect local streams and creeks in Los Gatos, which lead to the greater bay of the Bay Area, and ultimately lead to the Pacific Ocean, affecting the entire planet. Seeing the greater ecosystem impacted by our actions will prompt people to pay attention to the decisions they make regardless of perceived significance, which ultimately helps build a safe, sustainable, equitable community for everyone in the Town and the Bay Area.

I hope this design reflects the importance of sustainability in our community and reminds people to be intentional with their actions to protect all different animals whether they are taking small day to day actions in Los Gatos or making greater change elsewhere.