This design is inspired by the plants around me, the importance of sustainability, and the sense of community in Los Gatos. Plants are essential to the planet and support all living things. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen for humans and animals to breathe, the relationship between humans and plants is mutually beneficial. My message is simple – Plants take care of us, so we should take care of them too. 

To reflect the cyclical relationship between people and plants, I illustrated a young girl caring for a growing sprout while mature plants shielding her offer a safe space for both of them to grow.

To enforce the importance of our relationship with plants, I hand-lettered the phrase “Take care of each other” in the center of my design. In addition to the relationship between humans and plants, “Take care of each other” also references the relationships between us as human individuals. It reminds us to take care of those around us and to show empathy in today’s turbulent social & political climate.

The bold colors paired with custom hand lettering will provide residents and visitors of the Town a trendy and modern piece of art with which to engage. I hope viewers will remember to show compassion towards others, humans and plants alike.