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Plant Watering Plan Art Print

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It's hard to keep plants alive. But don't stress!

Whether you just got your first plant baby or are running out of room in your jungle apartment, our Plant Watering Plan art print will have you caring for your houseplants like a pro.

This detailed print features illustrations of 11 popular houseplants and the essential care tips for each plant – when & how often to water, bright light or indirect light, humidity preferences, and rotation tips. You'll learn how to take care of Pileas, Monsteras, Aloe, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Peperomias, Succulents, Rubber Trees, Regal Shields, and more in no time!

This print comes in multiple sizes, so you can find the perfect one that fits your college dorm room, office, bedroom, living room or even in your fridge. It also makes a great gift for plant lovers and aspiring plant parents!

🌱 8x10 in
🌱 Photo lab print quality
🌱 Premium thick cardstock
🌱 Matte finish
🌱 Frame not included

Note: Plant care instructions are based off my personal experience in climate of the Bay Area.